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We kick off our 2022 SPS’ Top 10 Wines of the Year with, of all things, a Weissburgunder from Italy! At times professionals can overlook Pinot Bianco and dismiss it as a “filler” in white wine blends. Nothing could be further from the truth. When done right, Pinot Bianco can be delicious and interesting, especially when it comes to the adept skills of the Tiefenbruner family. Energetic, crisp, and refined with a hue reminiscent of a pale Gerber daisy, this wine exhibits flavors of apple, passion fruit and a hint of lime when rounding out the palate. Pair it with starters, grilled vegetable dishes and Tyrolean dumplings. Look it up, I had to and they sound delicious. It is certainly no ‘filler” except for the fact that it rounds out this year’s Top 10.