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I love wine, but some wines hold more meaning than others. For me Isole e Olena secures a special place in my heart as a fundamental Chianti experience. It is one of the wines that unearthed my love and passion for Italian wine. Today the estate is run by the same wine company that owns the infamous Brunello producer Biondi Santi, and they continue to hold true to the traditions that have made Chianti Classico as essential as it is to the wine world. Estate-grown and hand-harvested, this is a terrific offering from one of the best performing estates in the appellation. A perfect pale red with edges hinting at a slight browning, this Classico has ripe berry aromas, ground spice and a hint of forest floor. Dismiss your premonitions about what you think Chianti should be, and taste what it is when it’s at its best (my opinion of course).