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Top 10 Wines of 2022

A wine built to honor the seventh generation of winemakers of the Taurino family. This wine came to us late in 2022, even though its name literally means to arrive early, and even though it was tardy. it still made a large enough impression on us to crack our Top 10. From the heel of the Italian boot, the grapes for this Primitivo wine come from the Manduria region from vines planted as trees

They say the number 9 is powerful, representing completion, although not a final ending. More like the fulfillment of one cycle so that you can prepare to initiate the next one. The Elk Cove Mount Richmond is so much more than a steppingstone to the next wine. Born from family grown vineyards in an ancient maritime soil, this Pinot Noir is hardly something to look beyond. Deep and brooding with aromas of dark chocolate and

We kick off our 2022 SPS’ Top 10 Wines of the Year with, of all things, a Weissburgunder from Italy! At times professionals can overlook Pinot Bianco and dismiss it as a “filler” in white wine blends. Nothing could be further from the truth. When done right, Pinot Bianco can be delicious and interesting, especially when it comes to the adept skills of the Tiefenbruner family. Energetic, crisp, and refined with a hue reminiscent