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Sometimes you just gotta keep it simple. One might even say tidy. In this case we say TYDY. The Thierry Delaunay Sauvignon Blanc 2020 is a perfect “here comes the warm weather” Spring white wine. Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, the Delaunay family have worked their vineyard land since the mid-twentieth century to produce natural, fresh, and classic Sauvignon Blancs. Pale yellow in color with green tints, this is an expressive wine with the nose blending aromas of grapefruit, pear, fresh lime, and a touch of tropical fruits. These vivid fruits linger on your palate that feels round, fleshy and framed by a hint of sweetness, but not syrupy while finishing with a wave of mineral acidity. What we in the wine world like to call a daily drinker, everyday value, over-delivering knock it out of the park bottle. Start your warm weather season off on a “TYDY” note.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would have guessed this was a Sancerre.”

-Our guy James when tasting this wine with our sales representative.

$14.98 bottle