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Three generations of the Zemmer family have farmed the vineyards near the village of Cortina in the lowlands of Alto-Adige. Peter Zemmer started the winery back in the late 1920s and today the winery and vineyards are managed by the founder’s nephew. This area is perfect for grape-growing.  An essential “set it and forget it” location where abundant sunshine, mountain streams and aerated soils lend itself to conditions that require little human influence. The result? A multi-dimensional wine that covers a lot of bases. The Peter Zemmer Pinot Grigio 2020 far more than the standard dry, white, clean, inoffensive, and boring style of the well-known brand Pinot Grigio’s that inhabit the market. This wine has character and flavor. The first thing you might notice is the ripe pear and melon aroma followed quickly by sweet baking spice.  Loaded with minerality, this full-bodied Pinot Grigio finishes with a streak of fresh acidity. See how exciting “good” Pinot Grigio can be.

$14.99 bottle