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130 years ago, Miguel Escorihuela Gascón set out to become one of Argentina’s finest winemakers. We’d say he made it. In the years since his endeavor, the Gascón family name has grown to be synonymous with prestige and respect. Fast forwarding one and a quarter century later, we were presented with Escorihuela 1884 Malbec 2019. It hails from Mendoza, Argentina’s most well-known, but also a large grape growing region with varying degrees of quality production. It is often difficult to differentiate why one Malbec is $10 and another $25 from the same area. Many times, the differences come from the producer pedigree. Escorihuela is a single vineyard Malbec made in the high-altitude region of the Uco Valley.  Here the estate grapes are farmed organically with every care taken to be as light handed as possible in the cultivation of the vines and the production of the wine. At times, I feel that Malbec can be simple, lean, too fruit forward and often masked with oak and overripe grapes to make it passable as a Cabernet Sauvignon substitute. The Escorihuela contradicts these types of offerings. It has a silky and pleasant mouthfeel with a tasty and refreshing mid palate complete with vibrant acidity. On the palate it is medium bodied with juicy tannins that provide strength and a long finish. Loaded with mixed berries, aromas of thyme and rosemary, and a spiced aftertaste with earth tones, it bears a savory sense about it which I feel sets it apart at this price point.  A red that is true to its origin, excellent to pair with grilled red meats, hard cheeses, and hearty stews.


$16.98 bottle