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Southbury Package Store

If you were to hop in a time machine and travel twenty years in the past to your favorite wine shop (we understand, we were not open yet) to buy a French Chardonnay that did not come from Burgundy, you might have been overwhelmed by the selection of Pays d’Oc varietal labeled wines. Today there are some brands still in existence, but their market presence is limited and the broad appeal that once lived has been whittled down to a niche market. At SPS, bucking the trend is how we like to roll and occasionally, we enjoy breathing life into some things that deserve a second look.

The Cinquante Cinq Chardonnay 2020 is a collaboration between the Pichon family and T. Edwards Wine Importers. Collaborating with small growers that respect the land, and the integrity of the varietal Veronique Pichon produces an honest presentation of Chardonnay. Fresh and crisp to start, this wine is unoaked, so disconnect all the butterscotch and vanilla thoughts from your brain. On your palate, it has bright acidity reminiscent of Chablis with citrus aromatics that mingle with fresh banana peel and minerality. No need to travel back in time. This is current, in stock and delicious. Worth a trip to the “Packy” – no Flux Capacitors needed.

$12.98 Bottle