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Life is full of choices. Some easy, some difficult and sometimes we make it hard on ourselves. We couldn’t decide between a couple of wines so they’re both the WOM. We have touted the efforts of Mary Taylor before and the two WOM are amazing in the glass and the pocketbook.

The MT Frizzante, named “Sofia Brescia”, to honor all the women in the wine world who work behind the scenes and have received very little credit. Generated from grapes grown in the foothills of the Alps, this light bubbly is a blend of Glera (Prosecco’s grape) and Garganega (Soave’s grape). Light on its feet with a soft effervescence this wine exudes juicy melon, white peach, and tart apple. An excellent entry into your holiday festivities or just about any occasion.

 $12.98 bottle




The next wine is a little bit of a tongue twister, in name and taste! Tradition emanates from this little appellation and producer who honors the old ways. The Carignan that makes up the Cabrerisse wine is mature (40 – 60 years old) and one would think that maturity leads to a serious wine. Not to say this wine is a fluke, but it’s playful on the palate and ready to drink. No need to lay this bottle on its side. Stacked with ripe red berries, and minerality, this wine sees no oak and is a perfect change of pace from that Turkey Day Beaujolais or Pinot Noir. Also great with pizza! You won’t be disappointed.


$11.98 bottle