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January 2022

When it comes to wine, there’s an important concept that we try to adhere to when we’re deciding what wines to stock in our shop.  Terroir (pronounced “tare-WAHr”) used to be a pretty novel concept reserved for wines of elevated status and most likely from traditional, old world wine growing regions.  I mean, how difficult can it be to grow a grape vine?  They’re pretty vigorous, meaning they will pretty much flourish anywhere.  Well,

If you have been following our previous versions of ‘Uncorked’ you know I am an Italian wine lover who borders on being obsessive. However, a varietal I hold in high esteem is Merlot.  Merlot was my father’s favorite red and without his interest and passion for the grape, I may never have gotten involved with wine professionally.  These days Merlot suffers from a condition known as ‘The Sideways Effect.’  The 2004 film Sideways has

We all try to make a New Year’s resolution to varying degrees of success.  If you’re trying to (like me) to lose some extra pounds, here are the things to look for in a bottle that is “healthier”.  Two of these things are easy to identify, the third is a little more in depth. Sugar (I know, I know) – how “sweet” is the wine you are drinking? Riesling and Moscato generally are the

It is a conversation I have quite a bit when discussing wine.  Is sulfur dioxide (SO2) the reason I get headaches when drinking a glass or three of wine?  The answer?  Maybe (Isn’t that always the case?).   It is true that some people have a sensitivity to SO2 and can have negative reactions to ingesting it including headaches, coughing and irritation of the eyes.  However, most wines do not pass the smell test (no

  It’s a new year and that means one thing in the retail trade…inventory. While taking our inventory we noticed something, we have a surplus of wines from the Côtes du Rhône. This wasn’t by design; it was an unconscious decision. We ended up with a lot of choices from the Côtes du Rhône region because, they are good, versatile and offer great value for your dollar. What is it about the Côtes du Rhône