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A wine built to honor the seventh generation of winemakers of the Taurino family. This wine came to us late in 2022, even though its name literally means to arrive early, and even though it was tardy. it still made a large enough impression on us to crack our Top 10. From the heel of the Italian boot, the grapes for this Primitivo wine come from the Manduria region from vines planted as trees

They say the number 9 is powerful, representing completion, although not a final ending. More like the fulfillment of one cycle so that you can prepare to initiate the next one. The Elk Cove Mount Richmond is so much more than a steppingstone to the next wine. Born from family grown vineyards in an ancient maritime soil, this Pinot Noir is hardly something to look beyond. Deep and brooding with aromas of dark chocolate and

We kick off our 2022 SPS’ Top 10 Wines of the Year with, of all things, a Weissburgunder from Italy! At times professionals can overlook Pinot Bianco and dismiss it as a “filler” in white wine blends. Nothing could be further from the truth. When done right, Pinot Bianco can be delicious and interesting, especially when it comes to the adept skills of the Tiefenbruner family. Energetic, crisp, and refined with a hue reminiscent

Life is full of choices. Some easy, some difficult and sometimes we make it hard on ourselves. We couldn’t decide between a couple of wines so they’re both the WOM. We have touted the efforts of Mary Taylor before and the two WOM are amazing in the glass and the pocketbook. The MT Frizzante, named “Sofia Brescia”, to honor all the women in the wine world who work behind the scenes and have received very

I must be honest; I had no idea this wine production area existed before two weeks ago. The area surrounding Marmande is known more for growing vegetables, especially tomatoes than grapevines. Elian Da Ros is a trailblazer and his Côtes du Marmandais makes a compelling argument for more attention to this region. As a child he watched as his father and grandfather grew grapes and sold them to the local cooperative winery and knew

If you were to hop in a time machine and travel twenty years in the past to your favorite wine shop (we understand, we were not open yet) to buy a French Chardonnay that did not come from Burgundy, you might have been overwhelmed by the selection of Pays d’Oc varietal labeled wines. Today there are some brands still in existence, but their market presence is limited and the broad appeal that once lived

It’s summer. It’s hot. If you’ve never had Grüner Veltliner before, here are five reasons to give it a whirl. It’s delicious – if you enjoy crisp whites with citrus flavors and no oak, say no more. It’s refreshing – incredibly easy to sip and the acidity allows it to pair with just about anything. It’s new (to you) – give your palate a change of pace, the flavors are amazing. It’s easy – no presumptions here, just

And the truth will set you free! We love wine. Nothing new there, but it has been our mission statement to find the producers who actually “put their hands in the dirt.” On occasion we must tip our cap and acknowledge an earnest effort. The Arrumaco Garnacha Rosé 2021 does not have a romantic story, or even a family behind it and certainly no dirty hands. Dan Kravitz is the founder and leader of

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT VINHO VERDE. The always pleasant, refreshing, somewhat fizzy, simple white wine can be more, oh so much more. We’ve found a bottle to shout from the proverbial rooftops about, and as our luck would have it, just in time for summer. Quinta das Arcas 'Arca Nova' Vinho Verde 2020 is the perfect patio pounder white for your summer lounge chair. Esteves Monteiro began his family’s winery in the early

“Ridiculously easy to drink.” We can’t take credit for the use of this phrase to describe this bottle, but we can agree that Josh Raynolds nailed it when he described the Lechuza Garanacha 2019. Consuelo and Jesus Gonzalez and their family have farmed vineyards between Madrid and Toledo for generations. Mentrida is home to old vine Garnacha. The Lechuza is made from vines grown in high altitude, granitic soil vineyards with extreme diurnal shifts