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Wine of the Month

130 years ago, Miguel Escorihuela Gascón set out to become one of Argentina’s finest winemakers. We’d say he made it. In the years since his endeavor, the Gascón family name has grown to be synonymous with prestige and respect. Fast forwarding one and a quarter century later, we were presented with Escorihuela 1884 Malbec 2019. It hails from Mendoza, Argentina’s most well-known, but also a large grape growing region with varying degrees of quality

Three generations of the Zemmer family have farmed the vineyards near the village of Cortina in the lowlands of Alto-Adige. Peter Zemmer started the winery back in the late 1920s and today the winery and vineyards are managed by the founder’s nephew. This area is perfect for grape-growing.  An essential “set it and forget it” location where abundant sunshine, mountain streams and aerated soils lend itself to conditions that require little human influence. The

  It’s a new year and that means one thing in the retail trade…inventory. While taking our inventory we noticed something, we have a surplus of wines from the Côtes du Rhône. This wasn’t by design; it was an unconscious decision. We ended up with a lot of choices from the Côtes du Rhône region because, they are good, versatile and offer great value for your dollar. What is it about the Côtes du Rhône