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And the truth will set you free! We love wine. Nothing new there, but it has been our mission statement to find the producers who actually “put their hands in the dirt.” On occasion we must tip our cap and acknowledge an earnest effort. The Arrumaco Garnacha Rosé 2021 does not have a romantic story, or even a family behind it and certainly no dirty hands. Dan Kravitz is the founder and leader of his now, national wine import and distribution company and this rosé has his fingerprints all over it. Without giving too many trade secrets away, sometimes when you have relationships with wineries and grape growers – opportunities are presented to you. Dan capitalizes on these opportunities by creating labels and wines that far exceed their price point. IGNORE THE COLOR if you are a pale pink seeker. Made from 100% Garnacha, the Arrumaco is a rich hue of Nantucket Red. A fruit-driven, crisp wine that throws off red raspberry and plum as you gulp (not sip) this thirst-quenching pinky. Do not let the color and price prejudice you, Arrumaco has a purity of fruit and a focused presence. Weed out the label snobs in your group with this one.


$9.99 bottle